Staying on track

It is vital that once we put in place a strategy, we have regular, ongoing checkpoints to ensure we can assess progress against the original plan.

Fees for this can often be taken from your super fund.

At a minimum, given the fluid nature of legislative changes, such as the federal budget and market volatility, progress needs to be assessed via an annual review meeting. 

Between annual reviews, if changes occur, it is important for me to stay on top of your personal financial situation. Therefore as changes occur please call me to ensure I am continually informed. I do not charge for this but I do need to know if there are any changes.

If we find you have a need for more regular meetings, for example to discuss market volatility, I am happy to accommodate this through pay-as-you-go meetings. These often prevent costly, impulsive actions related to market volatility.

Alternatively, for those who would prefer an ongoing service agreement, to facilitate more regular interaction, I am open to accommodating this via an ongoing service model. The price for this model is available on application and determined by the extent of work needed. I do not charge asset-based fees.

Annual review meeting

$1320 (inc GST)
Fees can often be taken from your super fund
1.5 - 2 hours
Usually conducted annually
Assessment of progress towards financial goals assessed against original strategy
A review of advice (ROA) is provided
Does not include the provision of additional advice

Pay-as-you-go meeting

$330 (inc GST)
Fees can often be taken from your super fund
1-1.5 hours
Conducted on an as-needed basis
Mini review meeting
Does not include either the provision of additional advice or a review of advice (ROA).