Fees for DVA SRDP Financial Planning

A person who meets the criteria for SRDP and is asked to make a choice between this payment and incapacity payments, has 12 months to choose. Once a choice is made, it cannot be changed.

A person making the choice to take SRDP instead of incapacity payments MUST seek financial advice about this before making the choice.

Compensation is available for the cost of financial advice obtained from a suitably qualified person which Cameron Teague from CTWealth is.

Refer to your determination letter to see what value you are able to get reimbursement for for financial planning advice regarding your offer.  We invoice DVA directly on your behalf and there is no out of pocket expenses by you.

Given the complexities involved with the various DVA entitlements it is essential that you seek appropriate advice on the best choice for you and your family.  Here at CTWealth we have helped many ADF families through this decision process and are happy to help when required.

We offer a complimentary and obligation-free 10 minute phone discussion to explore likely advice needs prior to committing to an initial appointment.

Information discussed will be general advice only.

We are a listed adviser to the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre linked here.