DVA Invalidity Pensions

The DVA Invalidity Service Pension is an income support payment that may be made to veterans and former members of the ADF when a number of criteria are met.


The Invalidity service pension is also subject to an income and assets test. The amount of pension that can be paid is therefore dependent on the income that a former member, and if applicable, his or her partner receives. It is also dependent on the value of assets that the member, or the member and his or her partner own.

Any Invalidity Service Pension payable is not subject to income tax when paid to a pensioner who is under age pension age, however when an invalidity service pensioner reaches age pension age the pension becomes taxable.

MSBS Invalidity Pensions are counted towards the income test when working out the Invalidity Service Pension entitlement however there is a different treatment for MSBS pension depending on whether you are on Incapacity Payments or SRDP.

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