About Cameron Teague

Cameron Teague is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® who holds a bachelor’s degree and postgraduate qualifications in financial planning.

He has been working as a financial planner since 2001 having commenced at Whitaker McNaught and then traversing across both private practice and Industry Funds.

His Industry Fund experience began in 2006 and has continued through in his current private practice.

Cameron has extensive experience in providing complex financial strategies combining best-in-practice products across both Industry Fund and retail product environments to deliver the best outcomes for clients.

Genuine & transparent fee for service

My practice operates under a genuine and transparent fee for service model.

I do not charge asset-based fees and I do not accept any form of commission.

There are no hidden ongoing fees.

I have operated under a fee-for-service model since 2002 and was an early adaptor of this approach at a time that the majority of financial planners relied on product linked commission payment structures. My early adoption of fee-for-service reflected the beliefs I developed early on in my career around the need for fee transparency and importantly, the need for the separation of advice fees and product.

This approach to fees has been fundamental in ensuring that advice I have provided throughout my career has always been in the best interests of my clients. 

This thinking extends to the fee approach taken at Cameron Teague Wealth Advisory.  Once we identify your precise advice needs I will be able to provide you with a cost for advice which will cover the provision of the initial strategy solutions. Implementation costs are optional and quoted separately. 

After the initial provision of advice, I offer a number of fee-based options for staying on track, including pay-as-you-go meetings, annual review meetings and an ongoing service model. 

I do not charge fixed ongoing advice fees based on the amount you have invested.  This is quite unique and is an important point of differentiation. 

Often advice relationships are structured around the provision of initial advice for a fee, but then the agreement of an ongoing relationship.  This used to be called a trail commission and is now often called an “Asset Based Fee”.  It was these fees that led to the “fees for no service” issues that were so strongly called out in the recent Hayne Royal Commission.

Best practice referral partners

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, my practice will focus on my strength which is developing & delivering complex financial strategies.

Where other professional services are required, I will refer you to the best-in-practice for those areas.

I have established preferred partners for this purpose including estate planning, broking & accountancy.

I do not have any financial arrangements for referrals with any professionals. You will simply be referred to the best person for your needs.

Privately owned with no connection to product providers

My practice is privately owned and operated (not by a bank or other product provider).

It is not vertically integrated and we have no sales targets.

We do not accept any ‘soft dollar’ incentives from product providers.

This approach means we can give our clients access to best-in-practice products across both the retail and Industry Fund environments.

Recommendations are based on your needs, goals and objectives rather than a need to sell products.


Our customer reviews


Cameron and his team are extremely professional in their approach.

What I like best is that they take a personal interest in you – not only your finances but your personal situation.

Cameron listens to what it is you want to achieve and then guides you in getting your finances where they need to be to achieve your goal. He is not intimidating but very realistic and practical. He uses language you can understand and nothing is too much trouble.

The team’s help and advice have taken away the fear of retirement and clearly outlined my roadmap to the future. Highly recommend

Maria, Brisbane Qld

All the Staff at CTWealth have been fantastic and have followed through at every stage working directly with DVA on my behalf to submit and finalised all the documents required for a successful outcome.

Special thanks to Kym for caring!

Doug, QLD, DVA Veteran

Having been the victims of a convicted financial fraudster currently serving a 10 year jail sentence, we were naturally wary about who we could trust to oversee our financial future.

We needed to find someone highly qualified and with a scrupulous background in the financial planning industry.

Happily Cameron was able to re-build our confidence and subsequently help us chart a plan where we are now once again in a comfortable financial position and looking forward to a happy and financially secure retirement.

(The Australian Super Fund is delivering better than expected returns on our investments).

Cameron is a good listener and has the ability to explain complex matters in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

Ray, QLD, Australian Super

Turning 50 was a watershed moment. I thought retirement was 10 years away but I wasn’t sure because CSS and PSS experts are hard to find. A few minutes into our first appointment with Cameron my wife and I knew we were listening to a genuine CSS and PSS expert. Cameron’s advice explored all the options, concluding that 54/11 was available and an important decision point for our financial security. Cameron’s analysis showed we had to change our contributions, consider salary sacrifice and start planning to exit the public service just before our 55th birthdays. Retirement looked possible in less than 5 years! I was offered a redundancy in 2018 and the second person I called (after my wife) was Cameron. Within minutes he calculated the possibilities over the phone and re-arranged his schedule to see us the next day. He expertly guided us through the CSS preservation steps, told us how to avoid re-triggering provisions and gave us real peace of mind by overseeing each step. I happily joined the ranks of the retired at age 53 and  enthusiastically recommend Cameron Teague to anyone seeking financial advice, CSS or PSS scheme advice.

Bernie, QLD, CSS member

Having spent 40+ years in the Royal Australian Navy and retaining my DFRDB super, I was keen to find an Advisor who knew how to manage my DFRDB. Cameron was highly recommended during my transition from Defence and from the moment we met with him we felt comfortable that our investments would be safe. Cameron facilitated my DFRDB lump sum into Australian Super and advised on my wife’s Super with HESTA including a new investment with Vanguard Investments. The service Cameron has provided has been first class and has ensured our future financial standing into retirement is sound. I could not recommend Cameron highly enough. 

Trevor, QLD, DFRDB, Australian Super

Both myself and my wife were members of the CSS before retiring from the APS. Cameron Teague was recommended to us by trusted colleagues who had also used his advice for their own retirements. As a former senior Human Resources professional I appreciate the complexity and potential traps that poor advice could have on future super income. Cameron’s advice has been highly professional and knowledgeable of the CSS and with this we’ve been able to enter retirement with a secure financial future. I have had no hesitation in recommending Cameron to many of my friends and former colleagues in APS super schemes.

Rob, QLD, CSS member

Cameron Teague was recommended to me by a colleague. My husband spoke with him several years ago to investigate 54/11 options. It’s been great to be able to pick his brain around the complexities of CSS, 54/11 and redundancy and to know whether I leave my role through 54/11 or a redundancy, I know I’m in safe hands. I check in every year with Cameron to review my retirement planning because I know the importance of getting my CSS benefits dealt with correctly. Cameron is an excellent financial advisor with real expertise in CSS, PSS and Defence superannuation schemes. I regularly recommend him to other friends and colleagues.

Deborah, QLD, CSS member

I found Cameron to be very professional with a warmth that gave me confidence in his services. He took the time to understand my financial concerns and I felt reassured that the options he provided were ones that were tailored to my future needs.

Josie, QLD, SunSuper member

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