ADF Financial Advice Referral Program

Cameron Teague from CTWealth is a listed adviser to the ADF Financial Services Consumer Centre linked here.

In order to be included in the ADF Financial Advice Referral Program we need to sign a declaration stating that we do not take any commissions and we do not do conflicted advice.  It also says that we are genuine fee for service from an advice perspective.
This is really important for anybody that is getting retirement advice however in the particular situation with ADF members, the Financial Services Council has taken the steps to screen the advisors before they put them on there and before they are accepted onto that program.

Here at CTWealth we are one of four financial advisors listed in Queensland.  Because of today’s technology we are able to consult to clients across Australia via Teams or Zoom.

Part of being part of the the program, it also means that we have had particular training with CSC on the different DFRDB, MSBS and ADF products.  But the main issue is that we sign a declaration saying that we are non conflicted, we don’t take commissions, we don’t advise products that have commissions attached to them.  

We are very much product agnostic and we focus on the strategic advice that you need.  Whatever product that we recommend is going to be whatever is most appropriate and that is going to be a combination of DFRDB, MSBS and ADF and whatever other else that we need to incorporate for any lump sums.
The Financial Services Council started the ADF Financial Advice Referral Program for a reason to look after former and current ADF members.  This is why we believe that it is very important that if you are a former or current ADF member, that you do draw on from the Advisors on this program.
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