DVA Gold Card Energy Bill Relief

Do you have a Veteran Gold Card?  

You can get bill relief if you are the primary electricity account holder or, for some energy providers, another named account holder on your electricity account AND you hold a Veteran Gold Card.

Your household can only get one bill relief rebate, even if there is more than one eligible person living there. You can only get this bill relief for your principal place of residence. How much you get depends on where you live, with between $175 and $500 available to targeted households and $325 to $650 available to small businesses.

If you are eligible, are not named on the bill and you pay for electricity, contact your electricity provider to discuss your options.

If you live in Queensland or Western Australia, you do not need to take any action because these state governments are including this energy bill relief in their state rebate programs, which are being given to all households.

If you currently receive energy concessions, in most cases the electricity provider will automatically apply the bill relief to your electricity account and you do not need to do anything.

This will reduce the amount you owe on your next bill. How and when this happens depends on where you live as each state and territory may do things a little differently.

If you don’t receive energy concessions, please go to energy.gov.au/bill-relief to find a link to your state or territory with instructions about what to do. This could be to contact your energy provider or your state/territory government with your concession card type and the DVA file number on it. Give them consent to check your card online for payment of the rebate.

If you get your electricity from your strata or landlord in a caravan park, apartment building, retirement home or village and your household is eligible for the bill relief, you will not automatically receive the rebate. However, you will be able to access a direct payment through your state or territory government.

Please check energy.gov.au/bill-relief for the latest information.