Australian Defence Force (ADF) Veterans and their families will often have the need to engage with the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) after transitioning from the ADF.

Here at CTWealth we have helped many individuals and families navigate the decision making process that comes with many of the DVA Determinations that are received.

The areas where we have expertise in helping Veterans and their families include, but are not limited to:

  • Making the right decision when you have received an offer of moving to SRDP from Incapacity Payments
  • Understanding the difference between Incapacity Payments and SRDP and its impact on your tax and any availability to the Invalidity Service Pension and Partner Service Pension
  • Understanding how SRDP effects the income test for the Invalidity Service Pension vs Incapacity Payments
  • Helping Veterans and their families make the right decision when an offer of Permanent Impairment (PI) compensation has been made, including the option of a Lifetime Pension, Full Lump Sum or a combination of the two

As a Licensed Financial Advice Practise we are able to provide personal advice in these areas and ensure we consider all options to provide the best outcomes for you and your family.

Advice that is provided to Veterans and their families when making decisions on Permanent Impairment, SRDP and the Invalidity Service Pension are billed directly to the DVA by CTWealth.

We are licensed advisors who are part of the ADF Financial Advice Referral Program

We offer a complimentary and obligation-free 10 minute phone discussion to explore likely advice needs prior to committing to an initial appointment. 

Information discussed will be general advice only.