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Superannuation Death Benefits Tax

During your working career you would have been contributing to a superannuation fund in preparation for your retirement. 

These contributions are usually made in one of two ways.  One where there has been a direct tax benefit from the contribution and one where there has not been a benefit. 

This issue is important because it will help determine the level of any Death Benefits Tax that will be payable in your Estate.


Testimonials from CSS and PSS members

Turning 50 was a watershed moment. I thought retirement was 10 years away but I wasn’t sure because CSS and PSS experts are hard to find. A few minutes into our first appointment with Cameron my wife and I knew we were listening to a genuine CSS and PSS expert. Cameron’s advice explored all the …
Bernie, QLD, CSS member
Having spent 40+ years in the Royal Australian Navy and retaining my DFRDB super, I was keen to find an Advisor who knew how to manage my DFRDB. Cameron was highly recommended during my transition from Defence and from the moment we met with him we felt comfortable that our investments would be safe. Cameron …
Trevor, QLD, DFRDB, Australian Super
Both myself and my wife were members of the CSS before retiring from the APS. Cameron Teague was recommended to us by trusted colleagues who had also used his advice for their own retirements. As a former senior Human Resources professional I appreciate the complexity and potential traps that poor advice could have on future …
Rob, QLD, CSS member
Cameron Teague was recommended to me by a colleague. My husband spoke with him several years ago to investigate 54/11 options. It’s been great to be able to pick his brain around the complexities of CSS, 54/11 and redundancy and to know whether I leave my role through 54/11 or a redundancy, I know I’m …
Deborah, QLD, CSS member