Calculate my PSS Pension

This service has been designed to assist members of the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme to find out how their current salary will compare with their projected retirement income based on a single fixed retirement age. Watch a video I have prepared to learn more.

Retirement Modelling

Our retirement modelling service will identify when you are likely to be able to retire, your projected retirement income to life expectancy, and provide an estimate of estate assets.

Curb Your “Retirement Anxiety”: How PSS members can benefit from a superannuation health check.

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In my role as a financial adviser I meet many clients who are looking forward to the freedom retirement can bring. They are aspiring to travel around Australia or around the world, help out with raising their grandchildren or pursue passion projects such as working at an NGO.  However, one key theme that underpins most … Read more

The cost of not getting advice

The cost of not getting advice

In March 2019, the AFR’s front-page headline stated that ‘in the wake of the Hayne inquiry, investors seeking financial advice are left with tough choices’. One “tough choice” was around paying the perceived high cost of professional financial advice. In this article, I will make the case that the cost of not accessing good quality … Read more

ATO Voluntary Redundancies

If you are considering taking a VR and you are also a member of either CSS or PSS it is critical you get good quality advice on your options before committing to anything.

Approved product list

I have access to a very broad approved product list (APL) through my licensee MFG Advice that will cater for most requirements. MFG Advice maintains a comprehensive list of approved products guided by Morningstar research. This list contains products that are considered appropriate for our client’s needs. In addition to this I have the capacity … Read more

Best practice referral partners

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Cameron Teague Wealth Advisory is privately owned and operated, and is not owned by a bank or any other product provider. My advice is always in the best interest of my clients. I do not have any financial arrangements for referrals with any professionals. Similarly, I do not make payments to other professionals who refer … Read more

Fees and payments

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I operate on a fee for service basis, based on the nature of the service, and the time and complexity of the advice provided. I do not offer a commission-based advice model. I do not receive any ongoing brokerage or commission from issuers of financial or insurance products. This extends to not accepting any ‘soft … Read more

Cameron Teague Wealth Advisory key features

Honesty, integrity, fiduciary duty

My practice has many important features. It is led by a highly experienced and well-qualified adviser who brings together the best of the Industry Fund and retail environments to enable clients to achieve the best results. My practice is privately owned and has no connection to product providers. I offer genuine and transparent fee for … Read more