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Curb Your “Retirement Anxiety”: How PSS members can benefit from a superannuation health check.

In my role as a financial adviser I meet many clients who are looking forward to the freedom retirement can bring. They are aspiring to travel around Australia or around the world, help out with raising their grandchildren or pursue passion projects such as working at an NGO.  However, one key theme that underpins most …

The cost of not getting advice

The cost of not getting advice

In March 2019, the AFR’s front-page headline stated that ‘in the wake of the Hayne inquiry, investors seeking financial advice are left with tough choices’. One “tough choice” was around paying the perceived high cost of professional financial advice. In this article, I will make the case that the cost of not accessing good quality …

Preparation of a statement of advice (SOA)

Public service redundancies

The Public Service is a constantly evolving engine largely driven by policy and government changes. A byproduct of this constant evolution can often unfortunately be redundancies for department employees which can often be quite a stressful and overwhelming time. Since I have been advising on the Commonwealth Superannuation Schemes through CSC, there have been many …