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My Fee Philosophy

I have operated under a fee for service model since 2002 and was an early adaptor of this approach at a time that the majority of financial planners relied on product-linked commission payment structures. My early adoption of fee for service reflected the beliefs I developed early on in my career around the need for fee transparency and importantly, the need for the separation of advice fees and product.

This approach to fees has been fundamental in ensuring that advice I have provided throughout my career has always been in the best interests of my clients.

This thinking extends to the fee approach taken at Cameron Teague Wealth Advisory.  Once we identify your precise advice needs I will be able to provide you with a cost for advice which will cover the provision of the initial strategy solutions. Implementation costs are optional and quoted separately.

I am not paid commissions for any of the products I use. This includes insurance products where I have made the decision to operate under a fee for service model only.

After the initial provision of advice, I offer a number of fee-based options for staying on track, including pay-as-you-go meetings, annual review meetings and an ongoing service model. Importantly the price for this model is determined by the extent of the work identified rather than the amount you have invested. I do not charge asset-based fees.

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