Complex financial planning

My Advice Philosophy

My clients’ financial needs often require the development and implementation of complex strategies. In particular for issues around defined benefit schemes such as the CSS 54/11 scheme.

Through experience, I have identified, however, that often simple but well-developed and well-executed solutions give clients the best results.

This has led to an approach, that is focused on identifying the most simple solution to help my clients achieve their needs, goals and objectives. I am not interested in over complicating a situation any more than is absolutely necessary. I will only develop complex solutions when they are genuinely required.

Developing simple yet effective solutions has the added benefit of ensuring that my clients always understand their next steps and what outcomes they should expect.

The development of unnecessarily complicated strategies often leads to expensive fees with no additional financial benefit for the client. The development of unnecessarily complicated strategies that the client does not fully understand leaves them confused and disengaged from the advice process.

Ultimately it is important that the complexity matches the need and further that the goals match the strategy.

How this looks in practice is during our initial appointment we will discuss your financial situation in depth, identify your needs, goals and objectives and outline the work that needs to be undertaken.

I will help you to identify any current issues and any that are likely to materialise along the way to your goals. We will develop a clear and readily understandable road map to ensure we can stay on track.