Bernie, QLD, CSS member

Turning 50 was a watershed moment. I thought retirement was 10 years away but I wasn’t sure because CSS and PSS experts are hard to find. A few minutes into our first appointment with Cameron my wife and I knew we were listening to a genuine CSS and PSS expert. Cameron’s advice explored all the options, concluding that 54/11 was available and an important decision point for our financial security. Cameron’s analysis showed we had to change our contributions, consider salary sacrifice and start planning to exit the public service just before our 55th birthdays. Retirement looked possible in less than 5 years! I was offered a redundancy in 2018 and the second person I called (after my wife) was Cameron. Within minutes he calculated the possibilities over the phone and re-arranged his schedule to see us the next day. He expertly guided us through the CSS preservation steps, told us how to avoid re-triggering provisions and gave us real peace of mind by overseeing each step. I happily joined the ranks of the retired at age 53 and  enthusiastically recommend Cameron Teague to anyone seeking financial advice, CSS or PSS scheme advice.