I have been providing advice to AustralianSuper clients since 2006 and the fund has become an key component of our overall strategic advice offering where its features align with our client’s goals and objectives. We are happy to be one of a select group of registered financial advisers who may receive financial planning referrals from AustralianSuper.

We often find AustralianSuper is a good complement to the unique features of government defined benefit funds. I have many clients who use AustralianSuper in conjunction with their PSS and CSS funds which enables us to harness the best features of each product.


This video describes how good strategic advice can help to plan out a retirement roadmap for AustralianSuper clients. It outlines some of the issues that should be considered in preparation for your retirement including estate planning, debt and cashflow management and asset allocation. Putting all of these pieces together in an effective way can have a major impact on your retirement outcomes.

If you would like to arrange a complimentary 15 minute phone discussion to discuss your advice needs please use the online booking link below. At this stage we have made a small number of lunchtime and evening appointments available. If these times don’t suit please contact us to arrange a different time.

Testimonials from AustralianSuper members

Having spent 40+ years in the Royal Australian Navy and retaining my DFRDB super, I was keen to find an Advisor who knew how to manage my DFRDB. Cameron was highly recommended during my transition from Defence and from the moment we met with him we felt comfortable that our investments would be safe. Cameron facilitated my DFRDB lump sum into Australian Super and advised on my wife’s Super with HESTA including a new investment with Vanguard Investments. The service Cameron has provided has been first class and has ensured our future financial standing into retirement is sound. I could not recommend Cameron highly enough. 

Trevor, QLD, DFRDB, AustralianSuper

Having been the victims of a convicted financial fraudster currently serving a 10 year jail sentence, we were naturally wary about who we could trust to oversee our financial future. We needed to find someone highly qualified and with a scrupulous background in the financial planning industry. Happily Cameron was able to re-build our confidence and subsequently help us chart a plan where we are now once again in a comfortable financial position and looking forward to a happy and financially secure retirement. (The Australian Super Fund is delivering better than expected returns on our investments). Cameron is a good listener and has the ability to explain complex matters in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

Ray, QLD, AustralianSuper